The Answer is Yes

In the dark days
love feels dangerous.
Will first kisses be returned?
Can you love me?
Do you trust me to be a husband?
Am I an adequate father?
Will you spend all your days with me?
Nothing but death separate us?
The end came.
You're not here to love.
You were beautiful,
you answered yes to a grateful man.
Were I to know of this loneliness,
would I have stolen that first kiss?
Would I have fallen in love?
Would I have risked the rejection...
My heart never questioned the danger.

Author: kcradioman

I am the Director of Twin Oaks Family Care in Excelsior Springs, Mo. I hold a Master of Arts in counseling from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and, currently, am working on the Doctor of Ministry in Care and Counseling at MBTS. My wife and I were married in 1998 and we had 2 daughters. On July 26th, 2019, my lovely wife, Jana, was diagnosed with Leukemia and began treatment. On Aug 7th, 2019, she died of complications from the chemo treatment. God prepared us and sustains us. My way of grieving includes being open and transparent about my feelings. My hope is to provide a voice of support for others experiencing grief.

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