Best Friend ‘Stuff’

Jana and the girls preparing for the toils of Black Friday shopping.

Jana and I loved to go shopping. Not really buy anything, just walk, talk, look around, and enjoy being together. Whether it was just her and I, on a date night-type excursion, or with the kids, we always had a good time getting out.

IKEA, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Target, and, of course, a Walmart stop were among our favorites to visit. Throw in a coffee somewhere, or a drink at QT, and it made for a perfect night. How boring, you say? Maybe it would seem that way, but when you’re just hanging out with your best friend, does it really matter what you’re doing? Anything is fun!

Jana and I enjoyed Black Friday for the people watching. We weren’t hyper about getting the deals, standing in lines, etc. Not usually. We were the ones who came in after the line of people shopped and checked out the wreckage in their wake.

We enjoyed stopping at unique places to eat, too. Exploring our city and the surrounding areas was fun to do with Jana. She was happy to try new places and venture into lesser known areas. I probably pushed her thinking a little, but we usually enjoyed our fare.

These are all “best friend” things that I miss. These, and so many other qualities of our relationship that made our marriage wonderful. Sometimes it is far to easy to focus on the emptiness in my life. The space in my life and heart that Jana filled is far too large to be ignored.

Maybe the loneliness of the space is filling in. The emptiness hurts, but not as much. I am getting more comfortable with plain ‘ol me. I’m happy with me, and spending my time as I wish. I’m not very social, as of right now, and I would like to explore that more…maybe after the holidays. The problem is, I don’t really know what to do to be more social! I guess clubs, activities, and such… I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

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