(Gray) Hair to Eternity

So surprising, so unthinkable… Now it’s the pictures that I have to remember. In the photos, right up until her last day, we never would have suspected the end of her life was imminent.

Looking into our faces, considering the situations, remembering the conversations…pictures tell stories. They bring up the memories. Sometimes I can remember more that others, time has already worked it’s fading on the finer points of my recollections.

The constant, no matter what year, is Jana. I know her face so well. I have memorized her features, monitoring each change over our time together. I miss her blue eyes meeting with mine. Sharing our thoughts – without words.

She would hate that I mention this, but, as they appeared (on both of us) I noticed the little wrinkles. The way our skin had become loose in certain areas creating the creases that age leaves. I loved this. For one reason, it was her, and I loved everything about her. The other, wrinkles and gray hairs meant we were growing old together…and that was what I wanted to do…

These things all feel lost now. Bits of information and observation that only, really, pertain to me and my memory. One day, though, I will see her again. She won’t have the issues that we deal with here on earth, she will be glorified – as will I!

He will transform the body of our humble condition into the likeness of his glorious body, by the power that enables him to subject everything to himself.

Philippians 3:21

I am holding on to my memories and the pictures. There are times to reflect and enjoy the time I had with Jana. This is what I carry with me, and in my heart, into the future. Eternity is secure, God is good, and there is still work to be done…

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