C’mon…Let’s Jump Into 2020

I kind of want to kick 2019 in the…rear. But, I really shouldn’t take my aggressions out on the calendar.

We thought 2019 was going to be our “break-out” year. We planned on seeing some great things happen over this past 12 months. Wow. Not so much. Some things, though, did go well…which is great, but completely overshadowed by Jana’s death.

So, I turn my sights to 2020. I have to, I can’t go any other direction but…forward. What will I embrace as God’s plan this year? What will my emotional, spiritual, relational state be this time next year?

Well, enough of that… I am going to trust God for changes in my life. Depend on His grace, stand on faith, and enjoy His blessings…that is my goal. I already see neat beginnings in many areas of my life. This makes me so happy and hopeful.

I am meeting some very incredible people, that I never would have met before. It is a joy to interact with others in encouraging relationships. One thing I have come to understand is that there are so many hurting people all around me…and I should keep my eyes open to their plight.

As I find my way, I am learning how to live single. Time doing things that I want to do is becoming more important to me. I am looking forward to more traveling, hiking, and visiting friends and family.

My thoughts of ministry are awakening. I trust that the Lord will utilize me in His work, and, going forward, He may use my experience in important ways to uplift His people. May God be glorified through these dark valleys!

All in all, I am feeling mostly optimistic about 2020. Each day I find myself getting stronger and exploring new areas of personal growth. God has been so good to our family, and He will not fail us! Thank you, Lord, for your gift of life.

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