The Richness of Life

Pictures from Jana’s Facebook album, “Girls Day!”, 2010.

Another turn in life. Sarah is moving down to Republic to go to school. Can I handle all this? This was Sarah’s plan for many months. I was the one who tried to encourage Jana when thinking of losing her “baby” from the nest. Now, the time has come. One is perched on the edge, stretching her wings…preparing for flight.

Seasons of life. Sometimes, each season seems to flow seamlessly from age to age and event to event along the timeline of life. Other times, everything feels out of order and disjointed. The same ground gets covered again, questions already answered pop up once more…

My words to Jana, “Sarah needs to do her thing.” She does. I would not impose my thoughts on her to stay or go. I want the girls to think for themselves, listen to the Lord, and make decisions accordingly. My own calming quotes, once used to assure my wife, now ring in my ears.

I am happy, yet, facing more loss. I will enjoy hearing of successes and new adventures. The road ahead, for Sarah, will be full of wonderful experiences, some challenging ones, and lots of anticipation of the future. She will do great.

The last 20 years have flown by, but this is life… God has been the author of a magnificent, grace-filled chapter, and now, the characters deepen and evolve. Dear Lord, please continue to write this beautiful story…

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