Focus, Man!

“When will I meet somebody?” “Will I remarry someday?” “Can somebody actually love me?” “Is love possible…again?” In one form or another, these questions seem to swirl in my mind. Thoughts flit from one area to another, often creating more anxiety and questions than what I started with. So, I take a step back, examine the landscape, and look to God for answers.

I am thinking clearly about a few different subjects that have weighed on my mind. One of which is beginning some kind of work with unmarried people in my church and community. So, I am moving in that direction. The goal is to reach out, share the love of Jesus, minister to others who hurt or struggle, and follow Christ together in a group. Our first meeting is in a couple of weeks.

For me, personally, another area of focus has been in my own thoughts of what companionship looks like for me, going forward. Clarity has come in this area regarding God’s timing and plan. I have always been a person that “strikes when the iron is hot.” For me, it’s ok to make decisions to move when the opportunity arises. But, God doesn’t work on my timetable or by my approach (thank goodness!)!

I am so thankful for my friends, my single friends, and new relationships that I have been forming, as of late. Time spent with others is precious and enjoyable. These friendships meet my, very real, need for socialization and connection. I thank the Lord for allowing me to spend time with such wonderful people.

What about the “one?” It is apparent, in my examination of this thought, that I am early for such a meeting. She may come along, at any time, but I am not prepared to entertain her “one-ness” at this moment. In reflection on God’s work drawing Jana and I together, I can identify some traits that were important to me in the spring of 1997.

First, I was content with being who God wanted me to be in that moment. I was not “looking” or overly conscious of being single and wanting a mate. Second, I was letting God do the heavy lifting. It wasn’t me searching, it was Him leading. And, thirdly, I was committed to serving the Lord in the place that He had placed me, and with the work that He had given me. He was my focus. …I was in this place, spiritually, when I was first made aware of Jana Lee Park.

It’s good to be single. There are things you can do and ways a person can minister as an unmarried adult that would not necessarily be possible, or easy, as a married person. Adopting the qualities mentioned above, and letting those truths rule my mind, allows me to surrender to God’s purposes, and plan, in my service to Him.

IF God wants to bring somebody into my life, and IF He wants me to have a companion in marriage…He will be the one to make that happen. I can rest in this. I can calm my over-thinking, put away my personal check-list, and freely enjoy current, and future, friendships.

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