Praise for Life

Life is the feeling you get when your car begins to slide on ice and you lose control. There’s no stopping it, you have enough time to get a pit in your stomach, and anything can happen. Either I need to change my view of who’s in control or I need to get used to fear.

Maybe the bigger picture is my “grip” on life. We know some things about our lives from scripture. They are short, full of pain and joy, a temporary home, and good for the Lord’s work. But, this life is all I know. It’s all that I have experienced.

Frankly, I cling to this life…and I hold on to the lives of others that I love. I can’t help it. I know what God says, I believe Him, it’s the hope He gives that allows me to go on. And, sometimes, God moves in ways that I would prefer He doesn’t.

Just because Jesus loves us and knows how to fix our problems doesn’t mean he takes a shortcut through our grief. The same one who raises the dead first stops to linger with us in our sorrow — to climb down into our valley of tears and walk alongside us.

Scott Hubbard, “What God Says to Your Tears”

Desiring God article

I have wrestled with God’s decisions. Of course, we can’t rewind the clock or go back and change things. Circumstances have unfolded exactly the way the Lord intended. To know that He walks with me in these trials makes all the difference.

Ultimately, He has given me this life and it belongs to Him to enjoy as He sees fit. I am here at His good pleasure. Here to bring Him glory. I’m not detaching from my emotions or actions, rather, embracing them in response to His love. Obedience, praise, and adoration are my expressions of love back to a Holy God who has extended His grace to me.

Thank you, Lord, for this life you have given me. It is marked with pain, but You are with me. My actions are often rebellious, but You have forgiven me. My thinking can be selfish, but You understand my frailty. God, You are so good. Your grace is marvelous. Amen.

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