Wake of the Storm

How does one go about re-setting life goals? When our tentative, at best, plan of the future gets erased, how is a new set of dreams adopted? Like after a tornado hits a city block, I’m looking around at the wreckage of what was our dreams, and trying to pick out the things that are still usable and not too water damaged.

Certain ideas weather the storm. I want to see the kids continue their growth and one day have families of their own. I hope to see success in the business, finish my degree, and see that our home stays happy. I will continue to follow Christ! Go where He leads and serve as He calls.

There are a host of other dreams, goals, and motivations that drove much of what we did. Those directions were purposed for Jana and I. We planned to experience our accomplishments together. As I stand, alone, looking at the twisted metal and disintegrated drywall and insulation pieces, I can’t help but feel like those hopes are all gone.

Now, at six months, the site where the house was is getting cleaned up. The salvageable items have been put into storage. The dangerous pile of stuff has been loaded into trucks and taken to the dump. I am almost down to bare ground, clean concrete, ready to build again.

Guess what? Building is hard work, too. It has been horribly difficult going down this hill, and it will be a challenge going back up. My sweat will pour down as I place the new structure where the old one was. I will struggle with my foundation, where to put the rooms, and what I plan on ending up with.

I suppose, as I think through my illustration, I am not really the one designing this new structure. Sure, I have my input, my likes and dislikes…the little things. But, it’s God who is providing the heavy lifting here, for me. If it’s going to be rebuilt, it’s because of Him.

A happy home focused on the Lord. A strong home that may, quite possibly, see adversity again. I need God’s help to build this new residence, with all of it’s associated dreams and goals, for me. A place that is mine, a future that is mine. Ours has changed to mine. That’s what I need for now…until God decides to change the structure to accommodate an ours, again, one day. Which probably means bigger closets, at a minimum.

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  1. jennbrown77 says:

    Great visual of rebuilding after a storm.
    And I So connect with these words

    “As I stand, alone, looking at the twisted metal and disintegrated drywall and insulation pieces, I can’t help but feel like those hopes are all gone.”

    But we keep dreaming. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kcradioman says:

      Amen, sister! Trying to give those dreams some oxygen to catch fire!


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