An Open Letter to Man

Man, love your wife. Ok, I can already hear your wheels turning… “I do!” “She knows that I love her.” “Why are you suggesting that I don’t?” Listen to me, you can love her more. Don’t be so arrogant as to believe that you love her as much as humanly possible. That thinking automatically says you don’t understand.

Unconditional love. Love that would cause you to lay down your life for her. Don’t be too quick to say, “I would do that!” What about the daily walk? What about talking to her, listening to her, giving her what she needs, providing for her…as you would your own body. Maybe in a moment, a crucial moment, you would lay down your life for her. I’m talking about the ongoing, year after year, loving attention that you give to your wife.

I’m not speaking from a point of self-righteous false confidence in my own behavior. I am encouraging you from a place of loss. I gave, I loved, I tried. I could have loved more. Now, my opportunity has passed to unconditionally care for my bride. Man, you have this time for as long as God allows, and I pray it’s a good long time. Don’t waste time on stupid stuff.

Right there, in your home, in your arms…you have the opportunity to love as Jesus loved. You can forget your pride, selfishness, and lust for others and embrace the one that God has given you. You can hold one who will love you back, give to you, and cherish you in the way no other can. She wants you to love her.

These moments are yours, man. Do not be so blind as to what is in front of you that you miss the most wonderful relationship you may ever have on earth. Being a man is more than earning a living, it’s truly loving the ones around you; your wife and your children. Lead your home. Be God’s servant in your family. Step up to the calling that has been laid on your shoulders.

My brother, I hope your angry. I pray your angry at the veil of false pride that has been hanging over your eyes. I wish that your anger would be directed at your lack of action, where appropriate. It is my hope that you are angry enough at the sinful ways of your heart to change, to be who God is directing you to be. May we all confess our sin and be forgiven!

Love is from God. He will give you the ability to love your wife. Just get out of His way. Remove the obstacles that hinder your run toward her. Lose yourself in your marriage. Let go, be open, humble yourself, be vulnerable…drink in and cherish the love between you.

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  1. Robin Davidson says:

    You went straight from inspirational prose to meddling. Dang, brother!! You have really challenged me today! This post has been an inspiration for these past months, but today the Spirit really twisted the screws. Always knew I’d take a bullet for Teresa, but hadn’t much considered dying daily for her in the midst of the day-to-day and the mundane. Going to try from here on out. Bless you for being available as you walk through your valley. I love you, brother.

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    1. kcradioman says:

      Thank you for your comment! Thank God for our wives…He is, and has been, so kind. Love you!


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