July 11, 1997.

We often just talked. Maybe just before dinner, after our day of work, or right after the family had sat down to eat together, we may have relaxed in the living room and visited on the couch. The rattle and clink of pans and silverware were heard from the kitchen as the kids performed their evening chore of cleaning up supper dishes.

We might play a game on our phone, always competing to see who could score the highest. Or, we talked about future plans and how we wanted to navigate life’s decisions…big and small.

Occasionally, a problem was brought before this little committee of two. Both had their way of dealing with problems, and we did our best to combine our thoughts and come up with solutions…or just listen to the member presenting an issue.

Of course, the committee didn’t strictly meet in the living room. Meetings were conducted just about anywhere; the car, Target, a restaurant, coffee shop… Strangely enough, we enjoyed our service to this purpose of communication.

I wanted to hear her thoughts. I wanted to know what she was thinking. Her contemplations contributed in shaping mine. Her feelings, outlook, and desires were important to me. I had to know what was going on in her mind, without such knowledge I would be incapable of loving her the way I was instructed to love.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her

Ephesians 5:25

There existed a joy in the learning. To know Jana, and diving deeper into our relationship, was fun. It was easy. It was something that I loved. Loving her unconditionally, as best as I could, was a blessing that I will always cherish.

Truthfully, I had a lot more to learn. I wasn’t done. Last summer, at about 22 years of learning, I needed another 30 or more to really keep studying my subject. There was so much left to discover and watch unfold through the changes of life.

My committee is now just a single member. The issues brought are mine alone. The education I seek now is focused on my own heart and mind. The conversation is quiet, my time is spent in solitude. The car rides, shopping trips, and living room sitting is without chatter. The knowledge that I spent years gaining is all I will ever have on the subject. My education is complete, the one in which I made a life of studying is gone, there is nothing new to learn.

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  1. Tina K Grosss says:

    Your doing great inspiring me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kcradioman says:

      Thank you. Thanks for reading my writings!


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